Monday, March 2, 2009

The beginning.

So, at the very moment activity inside my head is running on high. There's quite a bit to do still before I can really focus on what is going to go on here. This weekend is going to be crazy, and I may need some time for myself soon. Little bits and pieces are coming together, not necessarily at the speed I'd like, but at a speed that's expected even from five busy people. Next quarter I think things will improve, particularly if we can view this as our job and potentially our livelihoods.

There are quite a few design choices to be made still too, particularly regarding documentation. The whole blog concept as an academic journal though, I think is really spot-on. I can't keep equations here comfortably, but I'll keep my pen-and-paper variety notes for that. If they're important enough they can make it up here.

Anyway, just some initial thoughts.

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