Friday, April 3, 2009

Wood's working.

I've been working on this table for about a week now, and while it's by no means a perfect piece of woodworking, it is sturdy, stable, and at least somewhat attractive. It's not precisely what we had in mind originally, but it's a functional table and should be an effective touch platform. My concerns are more regarding the 60 degree tilt version, which may have to be much taller to support the depth necessary to rotate comfortably, or another design may need to be thought up. This isn't an easy thing, particularly considering the potential weight. Part of me is reverting back to some of the original ideas a bit more than the drafting table. These are cleaner, more elegant solutions to what we're trying to accomplish.

The drafting table, I'm afraid might be too tall. Then again, drafting stools are typically quite tall. Perhaps a lifting 'top'? But this has the issue of moving the equipment properly as well. Maybe there can be a connection between top and bottom so that when one lifts, they both lift in unison. This, is an interesting idea.